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We are the auditory neuroscience lab at the University of Texas Dallas Department of Speech, Language, & Hearing in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences. We study the connection between speech, language, and music in the brain.

Recent News

New Publication

Matthew Moritz is now a published author! His first manuscript, titled "Invariance of Edit-Distance to Tempo in Rhythm Similarity", has been accepted by the Psychology of Music journal.

We're Moving!

We are moving from The Ohio State University to the University of Texas, Dallas. Thank you to everyone who helped us succeed in Columbus!

NIH Small Business Innovation Research Award

The NIH has awarded a Phase I sub-award for our Aphasia Therapy project, titled "Speech Hero: A Rhythm-based Speech Therapy App for Individuals with Aphasia".

New Publication

Dr. Lee's newest manuscript, "Rhythm and Syntax Processing in School-Age Children", has been accepted by the Journal of Developmental Psychology. See our Publications the manuscript.

Music and Health Colloquium

Dr. Lee will presented a talk titled "New Frontiers in Neurologic Music Therapy: Towards Integration of Neuroimaging, Mobile Technology, and Music" at the Music and Health Science Research Collaboratory (MaHRC) Winter Colloquium Series.

New Publication

Matthew Heard's first publication with the lab, "Shared neural resources of rhythm and syntax: An ALE Meta-Analysis", has been accepted by the journal Neuropsychologia.

Congrats, Kathy!

Kathy Guo, a former SLAMER, is featured in Ohio State's Time and Change campaign.
Read her story.

NIH grant

SLAM lab was recently awarded an NIH grant as part of the Music & Health initiative.


Below are some of our hightlighted works. Click 'more' to browse through a complete list our past and present research.

Music and Language: Shared Temporal Processing

Video Game Therapy for Chronic Aphaisa

Non-Invasive Rhythm Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Our Team

Learn about our members and how each contributes to the heartbeat of our lab.

Dr. Yune S. Lee



Matthew Heard

Graduate Student


Hyun Kim

Graduate Student


Gracen Wilder

Graduate Student


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