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We are the auditory neuroscience lab at the University of Texas Dallas Department of Speech, Language, & Hearing in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences. We study the connection between speech, language, and music in the brain.

Recent News

AWARE Funding Renewal

SLAM Lab has received a $20,000 renewal from AWARE Dallas for our research in improving cognition and language function in Alzheimer's.

Spring 2022 Graduation

We congratulate Jessica, Jenna, Maheen, and Yasir for having graduated this past semester.

NSIF Sponsorship

SLAM lab has been sponsored by NSIF — an organization dedicated to pioneering at the forefront of neuroscience research. We are honored to recieve their patronage ino our future endeavors.

New Publication

The lab's latest publication studying the relationship between rhythm and memory abilities in children has been accepted for publication in Developmental Science! In children ages 7-12, a developmental shift was found from drumming ability to working memory ability in the degree of association with rhythm discrimination ability. Find the preprint on our Publications page.

Frontiers of BrainHealth Lecture

Dr. Lee unveiled the latest BMW (Brain, Music, & Wellbeing) story during the Center for BrainHealth's Fronteirs of BrainHealth lecture series.

Collaboration with Digisonic

SLAM Lab has partnered with Digisonic with the aim to explore how both 2D and 3D binaural beats can lead to enhanced cognitive and sensory functioning using state-of-the-art neuroimaging methods.


Below are some of our hightlighted works. Click 'more' to browse through a complete list our past and present research.

Video Game Therapy for Chronic Aphasia

Neural Mechanisms of Rhythm-Based Language Improvement

Shared Brain Networks of Music and Language

Our Team

Learn about our members and how each contributes to the heartbeat of our lab.

Dr. Yune S. Lee


Yune.Lee at UTDallas dot edu

Jeahong Kim

Postdoctoral Researcher

jxk210035 at utdallas dot edu

Matthew Heard

Graduate Student

heardmatthew49 at gmail dot com

Hyun Kim

Graduate Student

Hyun-Woong.Kim at UTDallas dot edu

Contact Us

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Callier Center

2895 Facilities Way, Richardson, TX 75080

Center for BrainHealth

2200 W Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75235




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